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You are not necessarily looking for a personal trainer or group fitness classes, but you want an inspiring, fun place to workout where you achieve your fitness goals with massive support and encouragement. At PFP you're not just a number. 

You can trust our community. Over 100 5-star reviews. We guarantee more than just satisfaction.

Is this the Ultimate Solution that every "gym goer" has been searching for?

Accountability, support, and community without having to pay for a trainer?

Unlimited access to our open gym ($99 value)


An uplifting, energizing fitness experience unlike any other- leave 10X happier than when you walked in. (priceless)

 A safe place with the kindest, most caring community who will support you & encourage you along your journey (priceless)

BONUS: Result Producing, Done-For-You Workouts. We design programs for you to choose from in case you

don't like having to think of what to do on your own! Plus you get the daily PFP Workout! ($49 value)

Have accountability because at PFP, you are ​WAY more than a number. You are family. You are seen, known, and missed when you are not there! (priceless)

Cancel at any time- no contract. We don't do those.

Total access to our amenities including the PFP Cafe, Game Zone, Recovery, Locker Rooms and Showers!

"Not Just a Gym" Membership is for ages 16+

ONLY 50 Spots Available 

"I want to workout on my own,
but I want to do it in an 
awesome environment where
people know me and care 
about my success!

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Find out if we have open spots!

You rock! We will be in touch soon!

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Option 1: For Less Than $25 a week you get the MORE than just a gym membership + pre-designed workouts

Value: $148/month

You Pay $99/month 

Option 2: for a dollar a day more you get everything in option 1 + monthly customized workout plans, meeting with coach, extra customization and accountability!

Value: $199/month

You Pay: $129/month

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