PFP's long-term athletic development program for athletes between the ages of 8-12. 

Methods: mentoring, team building, strength, conditioning, speed, agility

Desired outcome: *confidence improvement, stronger work-ethic, rock-solid foundation for athletic development, instilled positive correlation between fitness and fun

Our Guided Discovery class is for athletes between the ages of 8-12. At this age, the brain of a youth athlete is still very plastic. It can absorb a ton of new information and very effectively develop motor skills. 

We provide the context for certain skill development through things like

  • Game-play

  • Tag

  • OCP's (obstacle courses with a purpose)

  • Climbing, crawling, and competition

  • Basic total body strength patterns: squatting, lunging, push-ups, pull-ups, farmer's carries, etc.

  • In addition, this age group will engage in a multitude of movement enhancing drills such as:

    • skipping, coordinated skipping, shuffling, sprinting, band-resisted sprinting, multi-directional speed drills, and more.

It sounds complicated, but in the end, it is about making sure the youth athletes at PFP are smiling, having a blast, sweating, learning, and getting BETTER :-)


Email today to experience it for yourself...or rather for your son or daughter ;)

Young Athlete Fitness Programs