Fitness Challenge

Exclusive for people who want to:

  • LOSE weight over the holiday's opposed to finding more

  • Inspire their family to be uncommon and get fit during a challenging time to do so

  • Have FUN while being challenged with a friend (and winning $$)

Why wait until the beginning of the year to start your fitness journey?

Join the Finish Strong Challenge




Join The Finish Strong Challenge! This is going to be awesome :)

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What is the challenge!?



Step 1: Find a friend who wants to get fit from November 4- December 31 and sign up for 1 of the 20 spots before this closes!

Step 2: You and your friend each get 2 workouts per week at PFP (you don't have to workout together)

Step 3: You get a performance monitor that tracks your workouts in PFP,  and you can also use it for your own workouts

Step 4: You'll get fitness accountability from your coach, nutritional guidance, and support from the warrior community*

Step 5: Claim your CASH PRIZE at the end, plus these crazy bonuses:

Because this challenge is going to be so awesome -- meaning, you are going to get great results, have fun training with your friend, and have a chance to make some money doing it -- we wanted to make it a no-brainer investment. Here is how it will work:



  • CURRENT PFP Warrior - you will only pay $10 (and this goes into the pot for the cash prize).

  • PFP WARRIOR FRIEND- you will receive:

    • Two training sessions per week at PFP for two months- ($397 value)

    • The MyZone Heart Rate Monitor to ensure they get results - ($150 value)






Pricing Details + 3 LIMITED Time Bonuses​



We only have 20 teams available due to space restrictions​




ONLY $197! (OR 2 PAYMENTS OF $99)




If you and your teammate sign up by TUESDAY, October 22nd, you’ll receive these additional limited-time bonuses:

  • 2 Free Tickets to our December 14 Own Your Nutrition Success Workshop  ($49)

  • 2- $10 Common Market Gift Card ($20) -1 for you, 1 for your friend

  • Your exclusive Finish STRONG T-shirt! ($25)


That's over $600 in value for $197

​NOTE: You do NOT have to be a current PFP Adult Client in order to take part in this first ever, game changing challenge. You and your friend would simply pay the $197 and receive the workouts plus the awesome bonuses.

What Are You Waiting For?
Finish YOUR Year Strong By Signing Up BEFORE October 22!
Join The Finish Strong Challenge! This is going to be awesome :)

(Not sure? Send us your name and email and we'll reach out!)