How we're keeping our clients safe & healthy through the Covid-19 Pandemic...


  • Everyone in the gym, including coaches, team members and all those working out are required to wear masks/face coverings ​​


  • Everyone is required to sanitize their hands as they walk into our facility and as they leave

  • Our staff sanitizes the gym and equipment all throughout the day and in between classes.   


  • Class sizes reduced to 25% capacity

  • Appropriate physical distancing is practiced during class


  • Classes are designed so that you are the only one using that particular equipment for a set amount of time. Once you are finished, the equipment is sanitized before moving onto something else. 

  • PROFESSIONAL Deep Cleaning EVERY NIGHT. Our team does a great job cleaning and disinfecting all throughout the day, however, we leave it up to the professionals to deep clean and sanitize every square inch of the gym every night when we're out there.

  • 5 Sanitation stations throughout the gym