Meet Stephanie Furman, Nutrition Specialist

Breakdowns = breakthroughs.

Are you tired of following some crazy strict plan and not having lasting success? My name is Stephanie Furman and I am the Nutrition Coach here at PFP. I am passionate about helping people find freedom and success in their nutritional habits. With such a wide variety in different diets leading people in many different directions, it can be hard to know what the right answer is for each individual. Our goal is to help you navigate the nutrition world by keeping it simple, clean, and manageable. We believe eating and fueling your body should be a joy, not a punishment or prison experience. Our heart is for people to have true freedom in their life. Freedom from the guilt or shame that can come with eating the wrong way. Freedom from the stress of figuring out how to fix their habits. And freedom to enjoy the little pleasures of eating something that is delicious but may not make the “clean foods” list. We believe that eating a wide variety of whole foods and clean, unprocessed products is the way to true health. That can be easier said than done so having someone to hold you accountable and help guide you through the confusion can be a great tool for success. We would love for you to set up a Nutrition Consultation with me to start your journey to freedom in the world of nutrition.


Nutrition Consultations last 30 minutes. In the first session we will go through a questionnaire to help both of us see your current habits and find areas of improvement. We will talk through your goals and break them down into smaller action steps so that you can start to see the change right away.

We will continue to meet on a semi regular basis to follow up on the action steps. We will set new goals and discuss what worked well, what you may need to tweek etc. Taking baby steps is the best way to lasting results.

Depending on your goals we may only need to meet once a quarter, once a month, or once a week.

The Top 5 Keys of Nutritional Success:

  1. Nutritional Balance → What to eat and why?

  2. Portion Control → How much to eat?

  3. Season of Life → What is right for me?

  4. Fluid Balance → Am I properly hydrated?

  5. Activity Levels → How much am moving?