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ROCK SOLID KIDs (6-11yrs)

We believe building a foundation of bodyweight strength, movement, proper form and technique and a love for fitness and exercise is the beauty of the Rock Solid Kids program. Building confidence and setting them up for long-term success is the key here.

How do we do it?

  • Game-play

  • Tag

  • OCP's (obstacle courses with a purpose)

  • Climbing, crawling, and competition

  • Basic total body strength patterns: squatting, lunging, push-ups, pull-ups, farmer's carries, etc.

  • In addition, this age group will engage in a multitude of movement enhancing drills such as:

    • skipping, coordinated skipping, shuffling, sprinting, band-resisted sprinting, multi-directional speed drills, and more.



PFP's Athletic training is unique ...



1) Success Session

Every athlete or non-athlete undergoes a baseline movement assessment and performance test so that we can properly design an individualized program for you and decrease risk of injury*

2) Individualized Programs
Specific to your sport, movement, athletic needs, and/or non-athletic needs.

3) Accountability and Growth
We have a number of tools and programs in place, as well as dedicated and passionate coaches, who will hold you accountable to your goals. This is critical in you reaching your highest athletic potential.​

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Our approach is uncommon, however our Athletic Development Program has helped over 55

        collegiate athletes from the Frederick, MD area, including 16 Division I Athletes in the past 4 years.

College THRIVE Program

At PFP, our college athlete THRIVE program is designed to do 4 things:


1. Strengthen your Mindset by challenging you to think bigger, dream bigger, and believe in yourself. CONFIDENCE! We also teach you how to overcome your fears and self-doubts, how to defeat over-thinking syndrome, and how to escape the comparison trap.

2. Optimize your physical performance. We emphasize physical strength, stamina, speed, and overall athleticism with our Physical Preparation Formula.

3. Make you bullet-proof and unshakeable. We incorporate our 6 Step Avoidable Injury Reduction System to ensure your body is as resilient as it can be. Unshakeable against negative coaches and teammates as well.

4. Create a positive, encouraging, inspiring atmosphere and community for you where you can THRIVE. 

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