Athletic Performance Training with a Focus on Mindset & Confidence Enhancement

 For Student-Athlete's 12-18 years old 

We help 12-18 year olds breakthrough mental blocks and physical barriers holding them back from their full potential.


We accomplish this through fitness, mindset training, love-powered coaching, customized program design, and a team of mentor-leaders who will challenge him or her to be their best.



Develop positive associations with fitness training


Increase their strength, stamina, and speed


Become more confident in all areas of life

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Enhance their sport performance, prepare for college

2 Outcomes You Can Expect Your Athlete To Achieve at PFP

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1) An Initial Success Session to Jumpstart Confidence


Your child may be nervous or uncertain about this. We need to get them comfortable and confident before starting them out training. It is the right thing to do! This 1 on 1 session with a love-powered coach proves to be transformational for kids.

2) Individualized Programs

Every person is unique. We do not believe in a "one size fits all" approach. At PFP, we spend countless hours creating customized programs to help your child reach his or her goals.

3) Accountability and Growth


We believe in giving kids specific guidance and instruction on off-days to ensure they keep growing mentally, emotionally, athletically, and physically. True accountability is when a coach follows up with you and is fully invested in your success!


"Wyatt is 12 years old and has been training twice a week at PFP for a little over 6 months.  He has gotten noticeably stronger and faster at both his sports, football and basketball.    There is also a marked improvement in his agility on the football field.  His trainers at PFP really take the time to get to know him and make him feel valued.  I love that he gets to train in such a nurturing environment that cultivates mental growth just as much as physical growth.  We are so happy that we walked through the doors to see what PFP was all about!  I am excited to see where the proper training at PFP and his hard work will take him."

- Wyatt Gearhart

 I am so so SO happy we found PFP!  Mia loves the people, the atmosphere, the mindset discussions, the workouts, everything.  She says she can already see a difference in her dancing, and I definitely see a difference in her focus. She has her first competition this weekend since she took a season off because of injury and then school overload, and I think she’s going into it prepared and in a good place in her head.  As she continues with you guys—time and consistency!—I think the positive physical and mental trends will continue! Many thanks!

-Mia Venezia