7 year olds should Strength Train: Here’s why

Hey! I am here to talk about Why it is Essential for Your Child to Strength Train between the ages 7 and 11. A child’s physical, cognitive, and social maturity are key factors in determining the age at which a child is ready to participate in a strength training program. There is no minimum age requirement for participation, although children must be able to follow directions and demonstrate Proficient body Weight balance and proprioception, which generally occurs by the age of 7. Did you know as soon as a child is born it begins Strength Training? Babies learn to Roll, Crawl, Stand up, and walk and this is a demonstration of their version of strength training. Now the Misunderstanding with

Ripple Effects of Virtual School

​A lot of parents we are talking to are becoming increasingly worried with what looms ahead this fall for their kids. They are concerned about the ripple effects of virtual only school ​combined with no organized athletics. The two things that keep there kids on track, motivated, healthy, and out of trouble are gone for now. We are beginning to predict the effects of lack of interaction with authority figures and peers. Lack of discipline. Lack of structure. Lack of exercise and movement. Lack of natural mental and emotional outlets, leading to bigger issues. We have a great solution for you. ​ Years ago, we made a decision to build our business model around holistic youth development. An "i

Comparison Trap Frustrations

​The constant need to compare our every action, inaction, accomplishment, failure, possession, or lack thereof is crushing our emotional fitness. For every one step forward we take in feeling good about where we are and where things are going, we take at least one step back when we compare it to someone else. Someone needs to hear this today... How on earth do we beat this thing called The Comparison Trap? It is more like a seemingly indomitable, invisible force that causes us to feel bad even when things are good. Even the ones who acknowledge that they are subject to the gripping, debilitating power of comparison seem to fall victim to it every once in a while. I’ll share some of mine in a

Lacking Inward Peace?

Inward Peace Recently I was at a conference and this one talk rocked my soul. The Pace of Grace. Are you going so fast that the word ​peace ​is often far from your vocabulary? Are your thoughts running so quickly that a senes of ​inward calm ​seems increasingly elusive? Yes and yes is the answer. After months of being quarantined, many have found themselves ​right back into the hustle. Busy is an addiction, "go for more" is our condition, and is causes an affliction. Here is what got me. Too Fast of Pace = 1) Missed Moments 2) Missed Meaning 3) Missed Miracles ​Today is Friday, August 14th. On September 14th, what do you ​really want? More tasks and to-do's, or more inward peace? If you want

Feel Vibrant, Confident, and Invigorated

Hey there my friend, I have a very important message for you today and an important call to action at the end... The words we use can build a person up or break them down. They can heal or cause a person to literally feel ill. They can inspire or demotivate. The words we say to ourselves can empower us to move and at the same time they can paralyze us with excuses, causing you and I to stay stuck right where we are. -------------------------------------- A client is backsliding, eating pizza and ice cream 4x/week, and is inconsistent with workouts. A trainer says, “Why? Don’t you want to achieve your goals?” Client Feels Guilty → Shuts Down → Beats Him or Herself Up → Then Naturally goes bac

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