Take Responsibility

Take responsibility You cannot change what you do not take responsibility for. The problems that a young man or woman is facing in his or her life, causing them fear, doubt, and mega uncertainty. I cannot help him or her if I do not take responsibility as the coach. Take responsibility. The problems in Youth Sports that picked up right where they left off: namely self-absorbed coaches, overly invested sports parents who experience more anxiety about the game than their kids do, comparison, envy... Take responsibility and you'll be empowered to change things. Athletes continuously getting injured. Athletes who appear to be lacking passion and drive. Athletes who keep striking out or messing u

10 Laws to Get the Body You Want

The body is not the thing that’s going to bring you fulfillment. Who you’ll become on the way to getting the body you want, will. Here are 10 Irrefutable "Laws" to achieving the body and fitness levels you want. Follow them and you'll get what you want. The good news is that you do not have to follow ​all ​of them to see solid results. Pick 2-3 and start making progress. These are the things that successful people do ​differently: ​ #1 Tradeoffs: They Embrace Substitutions and Replacements- there are reasons why you ​haven't ​been successful yet, every successful person knows there are tradeoffs. Nutritionally, with workouts, with sleep-- whatever it takes, successful people make tradeoffs.

Not good for athletes...

There are certain trends I've seen with teenage kids over the last 10 years that scare me. One big one is a decreasing ability to become and remain Steadfast. Steadfastness reflects the ability of your child to remain resolutely or dutifully firm and unwavering. You can be steadfast in a belief, an effort, a plan, or even a refusal (an important one to avoid the pitfalls that middle, high school, and even college bring about). There are a 2 reasons why so few kids have this admirable trait that is absolutely necessary to be successful and to avoid regret: 1. They do not become steadfast because they have no convictions. They have no convictions because they are unconvinced. They do not have

3 Mistakes Coaches Keep Making

Hey parent, Can you please take a look at these 3 mistakes coaches keep making and let me know if I am on track? I also have solutions built in that will prove to be life changing for your son or daughter. Falling back into the “win at all costs” mindset, despite knowing better Not making time for 1:1 mentoring now, forced to later Focusing on the Lag Measures rather than the Lead Indicators Let’s go in reverse order, starting with #3. #3 Focusing on the Lag Measures rather than the Lead Indicators Lag Measures are the results that lag behind the lead indicators. Things every coach wants like: Wins, championships Statistics such as shooting percentage, free throw percentage, kills/digs, batt

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