Your Ultimate Coaching Experience

Last night I spoke to a room full of lacrosse coaches about creating their Ultimate Coaching Experience. You deserve and can create a better experience, coach. Not just this season, not just next season, but for the entire duration of your coaching career. When you do not intentionally create your Ultimate Coaching Experience, the end result is predictable: You become increasingly irritable & frustrated You begin blaming parents for your bad experience You blame the “difficult generation of athletes” for your bad experience You let curveballs and unforeseen setbacks cloud your vision You slowly lose passion for coaching despite knowing you were put on this earth to make an impact in the kids

Anxiety. It Can Change, Here is How

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, an estimated 31.1% of U.S. adults experience an anxiety disorder at some time in their lives. The problem is not the number. The problem is that the number is climbing.And these are just the ones who are diagnosed. So many of our adults are experiencing anxiety because of a current inability to handle life’s array of new challenges and obstacles, pressures and expectations, comparisons, fears, and worries. Notice I said current inability, not incapability. If so many adults are experiencing this struggle, it is no wonder why an estimated 31.9% of adolescents will have an anxiety disorder. The brain of a 13 year old is not naturally capabl

Rejection, Your Athlete

You cannot keep people from rejecting you, but you can keep rejection from enraging you. I’ve been writing a lot about anger lately. I think we have an low-grade anger issue in America today. I think the statistical probability that your kid either has or will have suppressed anger is high. Why? We can talk about athletic performance, success, and leadership all day long but at the end of the day if your soil is infested with anger or bitterness that stems from the feeling of REJECTION, I can almost predict the end of the story. And rejection is a common, daily, core feeling most kids are experiencing. Why most kids are angry (even if it appears they are not) Because they feel rejected. Reje

Anger, Low Resilience, Self-Doubt

What’s Worse? Your athlete’s inability to hit the ball well, or their inability to calmly and confidently cope with their inability to hit the ball well? Bad running technique or their perfectionist mentality that constantly leads to low self-esteem and dissatisfaction when they do not run “perfectly”? Slow first step speed or their anger issues that constantly arise when they get beat to the ball and coach benches them? A coach that tells your athlete that they are not athletic enough to step on the field, or their low emotional and mental resilience that leads to self-doubt and self-loathing? We know the answer, we just don’t like to go there. It is a “can’t do”, or a “won’t do”. You eithe

My Why - Gavin Hartman

It wasn’t long after he moved from T-Ball to Little League that Gavin Hartman realized baseball was the pastime for him. “I just loved the game,” he says. “I just knew that's what I wanted to play.” He was about 8-years-old. It was also about that time that Gavin started donning the mask and padding and taking up the position behind the plate; his becoming a catcher has a lot to do with his love of the game. “As catcher, you're in the game every pitch,” he says. “The game is not going to work if you’re not there, if you don’t catch.” As Gavin got older, he enjoyed the challenges, like making the throw to second to catch stealing baserunner. And building his strengths at the plate on the diam

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