Bad Coach Shows FAVORITISM

Don’t you hate it when you’ve been working so hard at fixing something or helping someone and then you hear something that makes you think, “Have we made ANY PROGRESS!?!?!” You feel like you are back at square one (even though that is definitely not true). That is how I felt after I heard about a coach who sat John, a deserving player on the bench for the final 5 games of their soccer season because he used to have a negative attitude. I happen to know this kid and he not only working on staying more positive but he was clearly more positive, especially when things did not go his way. Coach has written him off and was too busy to notice his improvements. However, coach did play the assistant

Go on a trip with your child

Go on a trip with your son or daughter. One at a time. One thing I wish I would have pulled the trigger on is a trip with my dad. I always talked about it, but I thought I had plenty of time. You better believe Jack and I will be having experiences ​together. Get out of the weeds of life where stress is high and to-do lists never end, and go to work ON your most important relationships. Breakthroughs happen when you are away. I imagine a world where children and parents have breakthroughs together. They learn together. They grow together. They experience together. This past weekend I had a breakthrough experience with two of my teammates in California. We went to a retreat together, went thr

Helping your kid become EXTRAordinary

5 Year Vision For My Child “Fully confident in who she is- an accurate, positive self image where she does not get insecure on the inside because of who others are or want her to be. She knows her strengths and is doing things that align with them. I see her successful in college, maybe sports, maybe not. She is taking more risks and not afraid to fail. I see her as a very hardworking person but not to the point of perfectionism- she has a good grasp of what matters most in life and realizes it is not her grades or status academically. She understands process over outcome. She is no longer a follower but a courageous leader -- people are now seeing that because she lives her life differently

Devin's Why

Once Devin O’Neill first took to the baseball diamond for T-Ball at age five, it was all over — he was in love. “It just immediately felt like it was for me,” he says. “Hitting the ball, feeling it rolling in. I just really love the sport as a whole.” The now 15-year-old has played every spring, and most fall seasons ever since, and now plays both outfield and pitches for his rec team at the Brunswick High School team. “Pitcher was a position that I always wanted to play when I was young,” Devin says. “I enjoy getting to be involved in every play. It was one of two positions that you could do that, and I didn't really like catching that much.” But in the spring of 2018, pitching almost throu

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We are located directly across from AKA Frisco's Restaurant, and right down the street from Flying Dog Brewery.

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