Uncontrolled ANGER

​I’m reading this book called Everything You Need, by David Jeremiah. ​ ANGER. This chapter is wrecking me. Listen to this… “Like you, I sometimes battle discouragement, worry, and other emotions common to us all. But nothing can do more harm more quickly than anger. One moment of rage can wreck a multitude of lives. One rash word can ruin a friendship. One outburst can begin a life cycle of its own and create problems for decades to come.” ​ I am great at controlling my anger...when I’m not angry. When life is good, when I am ​not stressed (or hungry), ​when everyone is nice to me, agreeing with me, living up to my expectations, I’m good then! ​ But maybe, like you, like your children, the


For quite a few years I’ve studied and written about BURNOUT. The amount of athletes who are “burning out” from sports and quitting before age 14 is astounding. In the past I have gone with the research and agreed, “It is likely the parents and coaches who are to blame”. TODAY, I am going a totally different direction. I’d rather burn out than rust out. 12-15 years of playing sports competitively and consistently- should that really result in burnout? Do I need to alter my paradigm a bit and find a happy-medium? Maybe the fact that many kids lack “sport-life balance” is not the only real problem here... Maybe lack of perseverance and lack of grit is a problem with bigger life ramifications t

Sports & Perseverance

“Perseverance is not resignation, putting up with things the way they are, staying in the same old rut year after year, or being a doormat for people to wipe their feet on. Endurance is not a desperate ‘hanging on’, but a traveling from strength to strength...Perseverance is triumphant and alive.” -Eugene Peterson Perseverance It is a virtue -- a behavior showing high moral standards. Perseverance: finish what you began. Perseverance: outlast the pain and sorrow Perseverance: strive until you accomplish the things that are difficult Perhaps one of the greatest lessons sports teaches young men and women is this: How to Become an Endurer. How to persevere when you sustain an injury. Outlast th

Wyatt's Why

Wyatt Gearhart has always loved sports. “I played soccer when I was really little, and then baseball,” he says. “Basketball I started playing in third grade, and then football in fourth grade.” It was those later sports that really stuck for Wyatt, and today the Walkersville Middle School eighth grader is playing year-round basketball and football in season. “I like it’s about a team,” he says. “It’s not one person doing everything.” “He loves sports,” Wyatt’s mother Abby confirms. “I think he just loves the games.” That love has translated into Wyatt realizing his strengths on the court and in the field, playing point guard or power forward in basketball and capitalizing on his natural tale

Good Coach :-)

I want to give you the 3 Tools Coaches Need to Attract More “WINNERS” We define “Winners” differently. I don’t think you always “win” in sports or in life by having the most points. If sports were a finite game, maybe this would be true. But if viewed and treated the right way, sports are actually a never-ending, INFINITE game, where there is no clear ending and no “winners or losers”. Only student-athletes becoming more than they were yesterday. A coach who attracts “winners” means that the you FINDS players, DEVELOPS them, and eventually begins to ATTRACT players who are: In it for the long haul. A team full of players who are more concerned with diligently working towards progress over pe

Bad Coach?

A friend of mine has an eleven year old daughter. She comes home from soccer practice last night in tears. “I’ve scored 12 goals this season in 5 games. Coach just told me today that I am not scoring enough. I need to be better. I don’t feel good, dad.” The backstory is that coach is not happy that his team has tied three games and won only one. His expectations are not matching up to reality. Therefore, he is looking to his best player to further carry the team. He wants an 11 year old’s INDIVIDUAL efforts to result in a victory for a TEAM sport. I know that if MY team is not winning, it is my fault. I need to become a better leader. But I don’t think this coach realizes that he is the prob

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