NOT-SO-SECRET Formula: Athlete Muscle Building*

I NEED MY ATHLETE TO GET BIGGER, STRONGER, FASTER, MORE EXPLOSIVE! Usually when parents bring their child to PFP to begin training, this is the starting line. These are goals that all athletes want BUT are achieved during different time frames. There are many variables to take into account in order for a young athlete to begin seeing muscle growth and ultimately, achieving the end goals they have in mind. Before diving into this must see formula to make it happen, I must preface that you should never want your athlete to “get bigger muscles” at the expense of speed and power. Our philosophies are geared toward athletic enhancement and not body building philosophies (a sport in its own right

The UPS and DOWNS of Sports (Must read for athletes)

We don’t love to talk about the “downs”, but they are the best part of sports. Here’s why... The ups build the ego The downs build the character ​ “The Ups” Isn’t it odd how the ups don’t last very long. You think they are going to, but they never do. We are not wired to cling to the feelings of our victories. Oddly enough, the ups are rarely ever as good as you thought they were going to be when you initially were so obsessed with achieving them. Enjoy them when they come. Success DOES leave clues, so repeat things that worked. But remember, at any given point in your life cycle of sports, there is usually a “down” following the “ups”. THE SECRET: The way you handle the UP tells me how you

Jake's Why

Jake Bender really loves soccer. Everything about it. Some of his earliest memories? Playing soccer — he started at age 4 after all. “I remember being on some small fields near a park with everybody wearing green shirts or something,” he says. “I remember trying very hard to kick the ball into the goal, but it not ending very well.” And not just playing soccer, a Liverpool fan, Jake can talk Premier League stats with the best of them, according to his mother Missy. “He actually really just wants to run away to England and go and play soccer 24/7,” she says, “but his dad and I have kind of said, well, there's some other things you need to do first.” But Jake is no slouch in school, a soccer d

2 Injury Mistakes Parents and Coaches Should Avoid

We need to turn the ship around. It has to stop right here. Normalizing injuries is not good and we are all guilty. Picture a 15 year old kid now who is constantly fighting injuries… Now, picture that kid at 40 years old, unable to REALLY play sports with his kids, run around with them, enjoy their craziness. THAT is what hangs in the balance of our decision to put the “strive for greatness”on the back burner and start caring more about what is best for the future of that young man or woman. If you think about it, most of us are not very good at prioritizing the things now that will benefit us in the long run. Last week we talked about normalizing teen behaviors that might BE the norm but sh

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