212° is the magic number at which the very same water you and I drink can also generate enough energy and power to move a locomotive. The crazy thing is…. there is absolutely no significance at 211° besides the water is really hot!! There is so much we can learn from this as youth influencers, athletes, parents, and professionals. Let me explain. In order to yield the benefits of 2-1-2, the water needs to build heat; gradually working from room temperature (where it has no real significance other than to be hot water) to the point it’s boiling over and has steam bellowing out. Too often we give up on things right around that 200° mark… whether it’s losing the weight, hitting a PR, restoring

Parent, Don't Do This

I want to share with you why being “realistic” is the WORST thing a parent or coach can do. This may challenge you a bit... “My daughter is really not smart enough to get into that college.” ​ It might be true, but as we are about to discover, what is true is not always helpful. “Josh is really not good enough to play at the division one level. He needs to be realistic about his future”. ​ To illustrate this point I’ll give you a parallel: Imagine you want to take on a writing project at work. Your boss says, “Terry, you are not a good writer. Stick to what you know.” That may be true, but that is a thoughtless, cruel way to communicate it. It is demotivating. There are other ways he could s

Parker's Why

Hello there, my name is Parker Sherrill. I am a rising senior at Urbana High School and have been training with the PFP family for two years. I have been playing soccer since I was 3 years old. I have loved playing goalkeeper ever since I was a kid and have stuck with the position throughout my life. As a goalkeeper, I may not run around the field much, but I am the last line of defense. I have to cover a 192 square foot goal so being in the zone all the time is a must. A game of soccer is 90 minutes broken up into two 45-minute halves. In the modern game, a goalkeeper has to play with their feet, be good at handling the ball and shot stopping, have good communication, and stay focused throu

Ready Fire Aim

DREAM BIG --> SET GOALS --> TAKE ACTION Have you always been a big DREAMER? Do you set big GOALS for yourself? Are you an ACTION taker when it comes to your Dreams and Goals? OR... Do you struggle to dream past your current REALITIES? Do you set goals that don't really MATTER to you?​ Do you HESITATE when you are about to take action? I have heard time and time again --> "I want to lose 10 pounds before summer.... BUT I like to go out too much." ​​"I want to do something for me... BUT I would feel guilty if I did."​ "I want to have more energy.... BUT I like to stay up late watching TV." "I want to be able to run faster... BUT I have never been a fast person." The moment you have expressed w

Why (PFP) Does What We Do

Have you ever wanted to do something so bad you could completely feel what it would be like if you actually did it? ​ Maybe you wanted to start going to the gym 3x a week, break that eating habit you don't like, read a good book on the weekend, be more intentional with your relationships, ask for that promotion you know your ready for. ​ But right before you take action towards what you wanted something holds you back... Maybe its the little voice in your head saying you shouldn't do it... - You don't have time - You won't be able to accomplish it - You are too old - You are too young - You are too big - You are too slow - You could get hurt ​- You don't deserve it There are a number of reas

3 Things You Need To Surround Yourself With

Have you heard of the Proximity Principle? I am frequently asked how to improve nutritional habits, how to gain more discipline, and how to improve time and energy management. Maybe you would like to know how to improve in these areas too? Honestly there isn't a long and extensive answer to these questions. If you wanted a real solution I believe the Proximity Principle​ is the answer. Let me break it down for you - Def: If you want to be who you want to be and go where you want to go you need to surround yourself with people who have done it. So lets talk about nutritional choices - if I shined a light on the top 5 people you hung out in social environments would these people encourage you

3 Tips to Prevent LCS (Parent MUST READ)

I will be honest with you, I am an absolute NERD when it comes to technology. I have my phone and laptop on me at all times. But I am starting to hear something more and more. "Why are kids so LAZY nowadays?" And for those who play sports..."When my kid ISN'T at practice or games, they are always on their phones or Xbox!!!" Now you may be asking, "What does this have to do with you being a nerd, Brian?" Technology is EVERYWHERE!! It is implemented in schools, at daycares, camps, and at home. The worst part about technology is that it is easier to get satisfaction than actually working out, playing or exploring the world outside if you have never been exposed to those FUN engaging activities.

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