Athlete, AVOID This Pitfall (MINDSET)

When parents, peers/fans, and coaches knowingly or unknowingly place an athlete on a pedestal, that athlete does everything they can to keep from falling off. That athlete begins to fear that they will no longer be liked as much, valued as much, or accepted if they fall off the proverbial pedestal that, we as “sports fans”, place them on. They begin to place their internal self-worth in their sport and their athletic ability. Do you believe those 3 short paragraphs above to be true? That is what happened to Maddy Holleran. A beautiful, popular, humble, talented, happy collegiate athlete on a scholarship who ended up taking her own life. Her story can be seen on Youtube here→ https://www.yout

How Does Your Environment Affect You – Understanding Habits

Your environment has a powerful psychological effect. It’s a place that either supports you or not. Learn to become aware of the sub-conscience forces that drive you and you’ll learn to control your life. Let’s get started. ​ ​ Engineering Your Environment to Build Positive Habits- ​ Why does working out seem easier for some and impossible for others? Why are some people more successful than others? Each of these can be answered with one word – habits. What is a Habit? ​ Habits are the actions and routines we engaged in every day. It’s what we do unconsciously day after day that makes us, us. For a more literal definition, a habit is: “a recurrent, often unconscious pattern of behavior that

Ella's Why

Hi, my name is Ella Dimmick, I am a rising Junior at Brunswick Highschool. I am a competitive synchronized ice skater. Synchronized skating is a team sport. Each team is composed of 20 skaters; 16 members of the team compete nationally. Our programs are made up of various elements such as intersections, circles, lines, blocks, wheels, and lifts. I started ice skating when I was 5 years old and started synchro when I was 6 years old. I joined PFP to become a stronger and more powerful athlete. Synchronized skating demands a level of speed and strength, while maintaining grace and elegance. A few months after starting at PFP, I felt a difference in my ability to generate power across the ice.


Growing up… I was typically one of the kids that knew the game but struggled with certain aspects of the physical side. I was a bit slower. I was a bit smaller. And I was a bit weaker. I knew the schematics of sports well and it usually allowed me to get plays and put myself in advantageous positions! When I went to combines… I was always underperformed in comparison to my teammates! I have grown to love the process of developing the physical prowess athletes need to succeed. ONE MAJOR ONE…. I NEED MY KID TO GET FASTER. There are many factors that go into getting an athlete faster. To keep the equation simplified, I will use the famous car analogy (I am not a gear head so my analogy will mak

"COACH" did THIS [rec basketball story]

Last year at a basketball game I witnessed what is wrong with youth sports. A coach who was more focused on himself than the kids on his team. I unfortunately witness this kind of thing 1-2 times per week. As parents, I am sure you see it far more often than that. It makes me sick to tell you the truth. I do not want to spend too much time focusing on the problem in this writing because solutions are needed. However, it is important to lead-in with the problem. The game I went to was a 6th grade rec basketball game. My nephew was on the opposing team of the “Coach” as I will refer to him from here on out. He gets quotes because he is a wannabe. My nephew’s team won the game 40-8, so clearly

I IMAGINE...[parent/coach/athlete must read]

I want to share with you one of my FAVORITE exercises to do. I do it for my family, my finances, my career, and in this case, my purpose in life to impact millions of kids, coaches, and parents all over the world. Inspiration Exercise: “I imagine…” ​For the purpose of this article, I changed "I" to "We" because this is what the PFP movement is all about. Our entire team believes that this WILL happen, and as a team we are working tirelessly everyday to see to it that by the time we depart this earth, a dent is made. What do We imagine? “We imagine a world where every kid has a mentor leader. A humble coach other than mom or dad that loves them unconditionally, mentors them, inspires them, an

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