Disagree w/ your "Sport Spouse"? (controversy inside)

I’ve found that most people avoid the deep, uncomfortable conversations. Why? It seems like a great short term strategy to be comfortable and “keep the peace”, which it is. BUT it is actually a long-term plan to be m-i-s-e-r-a-b-l-e. And in this case, for your son or daughter to be miserable. ​ This one might stir up a little controversy with some parents...but it is ok because it’ll be worth the impact it has in your student-athlete’s life. Your challenge is at the end. EMBRACE THIS. PRE-WORK: an important reminder before we dive into the meat and potatoes is that PEOPLE ARE WIRED DIFFERENTLY. We tend to see the same situation in dramatically different ways. This is common sense, but not co


First off, did you enjoy yesterdays talk? Have you been paying attention to when you say I HAVE TO versus I GET TO? Let me know by replying to this email. Let's get into today's message... I have completely fallen in love with fitness…. I love the opportunity to be better than I was yesterday. To go in and push myself to the limits. The consistent grind in pursuit to elevate to that next level!! Growing up… I was always a little smaller and not quite as athletic as a lot of my peers. I was blessed to be able to compete with a group of awesome guys… but I always had this underlying insecurity that I was too small, to slow, and simply not good enough! ​ As I challenged myself more, I noticed m

Championship Language: The Power of Your Words

Too often we get caught up in the day to day grind, the mundane tasks, the daily hustle… and in turn, we often lose sight of the blessings we enjoy on a regular basis! I was quickly reminded while away at the Todd Durkin Retreat by two All-Pro, Super Bowl Champions Drew Brees and Steve Weatherford. They both played on teams that enjoyed the highs of winnings championships and the agony of defeat! One major difference between a winning team and a losing team… the word that echoed throughout the locker room! The overarching theme: WE GET TO > WE HAVE TO WE GET TO WAKE UP EARY TO GET IN AND PRACTICE! WE GET TO WATCH EXTRA FILM AND PREPARE FOR THE UPCOMING WEEK! WE GET TO GO ON THE ROAD AND COMP

Nia's Why

For Nia Bedard, her journey into sports was all about finding what she loved. “My introduction to sports was lacrosse when I was in third grade, she says. “But I wasn’t doing it because I loved it, I did it because it was just something for me to do in my spare time. I stopped playing in seventh grade.” But when she discovered volleyball at around the same time, “I felt like I found a sport I loved,” she says. Nia had found what she had been missing in lacrosse. “My main role is defensive specialist/libero, so I do most of the passing,” Nia says. “I feel like when I pass, I am in control. That was something different than lacrosse. I felt like I didn’t have that much control of the ball when

LEGACY: How do I know mine is GOOD?

This morning I was reminded that just about everything I have will be taken away from me at some point. I was reminded that it is unlikely for me to be the first human being to ever make it out of this thing alive ;-) JUST ABOUT everything will be taken away, except your LEGACY: LEGACY: What will you leave behind for others? ​ 1. Possessions: this one matters, but less than the next two. Your finances, materials, house, etc. What you leave behind for your kids, your favorite charities, or others does matter and does make a difference. 2. Your Mission: This one is second most important in my opinion. I think about this often. If I were to die right now, I think at this point my team members a

4 Practical, Uncommon Ways To Increase Athlete’s Performance

This article reveals the reason your athletes may be underperforming, getting in their own heads, and being crippled by fear, worry, and self-doubt. It also is juiced with 4 immediately applicable ways to move in a better direction. It seems odd that an Athletic Development and Sports Performance Enhancement Coach is writing about this stuff...but I have found it to be true that sports performance and what I am about to share with you ARE inextricably linked. Your kids LONG to be unconditionally respected and loved by parents and coaches because of who they are, NOT how they look or what they do on the field or in the classroom (performance). Do your kids feel unconditionally loved and respe

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