Vicariously Living Through Your Athlete? Coach and Parent Edition

Signs you are living vicariously through your athlete’s sport and how-to fix it fast to avoid further damage. As always, I guarantee that the recommendations in this article will help your son or daughter perform at peak potential on and off the field. It is typically hard to draw direct correlation between what I write about and how it will ultimately help your athlete play better. BUT based on thousands of data points, I assure you that it will. SIGNS YOU ARE IN DANGER OF OR ARE ALREADY LIVING VICARIOUSLY THROUGH YOUR ATHLETE: 1. You get way too proud when your athlete performs well Talking excessively about it to other parents or at work the next day ​Posting to social media (ever thought

Tommy's Why

Tommy Wolcott doesn’t describe himself as an athlete — he never could settle on a sport to his liking. “He tried T-Ball, tried basketball and then did lacrosse for two seasons,” Tommy’s father Chris says. “Nothing ever hit his fancy.” But that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been athletic. There was gymnastics when he was quite young, and then Parkour and even a stint ziplining among trees in Harper’s Ferry, which were more to Tommy’s liking, but still didn’t quite hold his interest. “My favorite sports really were Parkour or gymnastics or tree climbing. They were more based on individual progress”, Tommy explains. But as he grew older, Tommy came to recognize there was something else going on. Curre


It is really simple. Balance. Most kids have no concept of balance in their life. In fact as coaches and parents, maybe we’ve never really given this idea much thought. To understand why our kids might not have balance, we first have to take a look at the 10 areas of life that ADULTS must balance in order to be joyful, happy, fulfilled, and balanced. The way the 10 forms of wealth works is you assess how you are doing, and then rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 in each area. Pretty simple, but powerfully enlightening. For kids, I think the list would be: Spiritual/Inner Self Physical health Mindset Emotional health- communication thoughts, feelings, desires, etc. Family School (effort, engage

“Just Do Your Best” Love, Mom/Dad/Coach

“Just Do Your Best” Love, Mom/Dad/Coach “All that matters to us is that you do your best”. It sounds good. I would guess 98% of parents recite these words to their child at some point during their academic and/or athletic developmental journey. However some parents do not think about the fact that words mean nothing if they are not backed by action. This is a short, simple, sweet reminder to show that you really do value effort over results (and evaluated effort- which is making sure you are giving effort in the right areas and towards the right things). I believe evaluated effort ​should ​be the focus as the coach or parent, because at the end of the day, effort is one of the only things wi

Feeling Challenged in Your Life

ONE Ingredient you’re missing in your life. Challenge. Without it, you and I are mediocre at best. Squandering away the potential we have as human beings. When we are not being challenged, we are not engaged, energized, excited, enthused, or entertained. Those are the Five Important E’s if you want to be the best athlete, student, friend, and son or daughter you can be. We have failed our student-athletes in this sense. If you are an adult, maybe you are failing yourself. But as coaches, we do a poor job of individualizing the challenges we give our athletes to match where they are at in their developmental journey’s. EXAMPLE We have an athlete who has been able to do 30 inch single leg box

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