What DRIVES Kids Motivation? (Parents must read)

Neuroscience gives us an insight into what drives youth in today’s new age. And guess what? It’s DIFFERENT from even 5 years ago. I don’t have time to go deep into all of the human drives but two of them are immediately relevant. ​ Not knowing these two drives will cause you to continue wondering, "How do I motivate my athlete!? How do I get them to do the things they ​don't ​want to do?" ​These drives will change everything for you as a parent or coach. Novelty and Challenge. For a while I got lucky. Pure excitement, energy, and motivation from me appeared to rub off on the athletes I worked with. It appeared to motivate them. But it really only motivated them when they were with me. That i

The Female Athlete Injury Epidemic

Something you probably already know is that ACL injuries, other knee injuries, and ankle sprains in female athletes are on the rise. SCARY numbers of girls going through this. Even the most prepared. There are many that even proper training, nutrition, and preparation cannot defend against. However, doing all you can to ensure a healthy, bullet-proof athlete is the only thing you can control. I believe this article is going to help you the parent to understand why ladies sustain more injuries to the knee, and how to avoid the avoidable ones. ​ 1) Anatomical Makeup The Q-Angle is the relationship between the hips and knees. It is more pronounced in females because their hips are design to be

Riley's Why

That Riley Cowperthwaite would be an athlete was almost a forgone conclusion from the start, according to her mother Elizabeth. “I was a PE teacher, so she had to do something,” Elizabeth says. “She was a ballerina until age 11. She took tennis lessons too, and I’m also a swim instructor, so we had her in the water right away.” By age 11 however, it was swimming, and the time commitment that came with swimming for a club team that lead Riley to decide to focus on the pool. A natural sprinter, she found she was simply good at it. “My best event is the 50-meter freestyle, that’s down and back. Also, the 100-meter freestyle and the 100-meter butterfly,” she says. “I like the competition because

Athleticism is the LEAST of an Athlete's Concern?

We had an athlete recently tell us that he had purposefully started making better eye contact with adults and began focusing on stronger handshakes as a results of one of our motivational messages. A 17 year old high-school girl who has Attention Deficit Disorder started doing “30 minute power-blocks” for studying and homework as a result of a message. We talked with her about how ADD could actually be a strength with a more positive outlook. “People with ADD can hyper focus for short periods of time better than most can.” So, she started setting a timer and doing school work for just 30 minutes at a time. Her stress has gone down with the improved study habits. This week at PFP we are diali

Wasting Time Pursuing Empty Accomplishment

Have you ever thought about this? That the most important things in life never have an “end date”? You know, like work. There's an end date, you have a retirement date. At least you hope to ;-) There’s no end date to the things that matter most in life. Middle school high school, club, or college sports. They have an end date. Most of us done at 22 years old. For a select few, you're done when you're professional career is done, which might be 35, 40, or 45 if your name is Tom. School! School is done at 18 years old for some people, and 22 years old for others. I am not saying work, school, and sports are not important. They are. But they are not most important. Which means this: We need to

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