Romans 14:2-3: A REMINDER that we are all different, don’t JUSTIFY, COMPARE, or JUDGE!! I do not usually use direct bible verses in my blog posts. The bible IS the foundation for most everything I write and teach, but I usually keep out verses so that people who are not bible followers don’t stop reading just because a bible verse is mentioned. THIS was too good not to share. Holy moly I read this the other morning and it made everything about the way we view others shortcomings and bad habits, very clear. Do you ever think to yourself, “If that person can do that, I should be able to as well!” “If that person can have the ice cream in the freezer and resist the temptation, than I can keep i

Sports Parents HATE when they forget this!

As I was trying to soothe my son the other night as he cried and screamed I wondered, “When am I going to finally figure out the solution to getting him calmed down!? It’s been like, almost 3 weeks I’ve been at this!? Ha, ha. You are probably laughing at me right now, as you should. That thought I had only lasted a moment before I realized I had unrealistic expectations. I realized that I have been at this parenting thing for 18 days and that although I have read a book about soothing a crying baby, and although I have been really focused on doing this well, I am just NOT going to be a master baby soother in 18 days. WE FORGET THIS ALL THE TIME AS PARENTS (I can say that now ;-) ) “My son ha

Manage the Madness, Bring Laughter into Chaos

We crave comfort, peace, and stability. Sometimes, those three things are not in God’s plans for our immediate future. Sometimes, there IS not solution other than to be patient, ENDURE, and have faith. Most don’t like to hear this, but they need to. Life is not Burger King- you do not get to have it your way. I’ve had periods, just like many of you, where the suffering was intense and the discomfort was massive. I hurt only myself by having expectations of when it should end, who should help me, and how I deserve to feel. What I should have said to myself is, “Be patient Andrew. Do your BEST with what you have. Be ALL IN on the struggle. Do not avoid it, embrace it. It will bring about beaut

Mason's Why

Baseball has been Mason Kojac’s main sport since he was barely more than a toddler, first picking up a ball and glove around three or four. It wasn’t until a little later, however, that he realized baseball could be more than just a fun time for him. “When I first started playing it, I played it because my friends were playing it and I could hang out with them,” he says. “But I think maybe around 10 or 11 is when I really started getting into it.” That was when Mason began to take stock of himself and realized he didn’t just like baseball, he had a real knack for the sport that was worth investing in. “I realized I was actually good enough to play on a high-level team,” he says. “At 10, I wa

Escaping the Comparison Trap

Over the years we have learned that CONFIDENCE is the number one result parents want for their athletes, and athletes desire for themselves. We have also learned that getting to the ROOT of why you don’t have confidence is the first step in achieving it. Comparing yourself to others is the new top hobby of youth today. There are 3 reasons they do it. Identifying these and working on them are the only way to develop true confidence from the inside out. Reason #1 Your Kids Compare Themselves to Others: They see false confidence in others and THINK they want what the other person has It’s tempting for ADULTS to see what another person has and want that thing. But we all know that if and when we

New Year, New You?

Sometimes just the thought or mention of a New Year’s Resolution puts a bad taste in our mouth. Personally, I think this is either because People have failed in the past We hear other people’s DRASTIC and EXTREME resolutions (i.e., I want to run a marathon, drop 100lbs., work out everyday, reading 50 books when they hate reading, etc.) We don’t know how to stick to them. Obviously, you can create a goal anytime, any day of the year. The New Year doesn’t HAVE to be the time when you decide to set a goal, but sometimes having a timeline of “I’m starting now,” helps us stay motivated and disciplined. If you are one of those people who WANTS to accomplish your goals this years, there are some st

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