4 Ways to Make the MOST of Christmas

This was my dad opening up his brand new smoker Christmas morning of last year. I had no clue that last Christmas, 2017, would be the last Christmas I got to spend with my dad. April of 2018 he was diagnosed with cancer. November 14, 2018, he completed his work on this earth. You never know if this will be the last Christmas or the last holiday you get to spend with a certain loved one. A grandparent, a parent, a sibling, an aunt, an uncle. I want to share four simple but powerful ways to have zero regrets and make the most of Christmas 2018. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif] 4 Ways to Make the MOST of Christmas ​​1. GET RID OF DISTRACTIONS If you want to make the most of this Christmas,

Treat People Like They're SUFFERING

Think about this... When someone that we are close to is hurting, going through a difficult time, or just lost a loved one, we become the person that we were created to be. It’s crazy interesting to me. We become the very best version of ourselves when someone close to us is hurting. I have tried very hard recently to use my pain from my dad’s passing for others gain. I really don’t feel like it but I am doing it anyway. I am trying to be obedient. So here we go! When someone close to us is going through a very difficult time, we become a more compassionate, loving, gentle, patient, and kind person to that person. The weeks following my dad’s funeral, people gave me more grace when I did som

Daisy's Why

Basketball has literally been in Daisy Gardner’s life since birth, according to her mother Gaylene, longtime Brunswick High School basketball coach. “When she was born, she was on the sidelines in a baby carrier with me,” Gaylene says, “Basketball has been there since the beginning.” So, it was understandably a little surprising when Daisy came into her own as an athlete — playing softball. “My dad has always played softball and one day he asked if I wanted to try it,” Daisy says. “I had a really good experience. My coach was awesome, we had a ton of fun and it made me fall in love with the sport.” That was when she was 6-years-old, but it was around 8th or 9th grade that Daisy became really

Overcome Your Insecurities For Good

These THREE insecurities are majorly impacting you as an athlete: ACCEPTANCE: It’s human nature for us to want to be liked by our peers. Fearing that you will not be accepted by others leads us to conforming to what others are doing. I remember being afraid of “trying too hard,” in conditioning and practice. Some of my teammates would actually bash other girls on the team that were really pushing themselves during strength and conditioning workouts. I would hear them talk about my other teammates negatively and wouldn’t push myself during some workouts for fear that they would talk about me the same way. Be a leader in the pack. Don’t let other people’s insecurities of being average keep you

The Top 3 Reasons YOU Need a Coach

Have you ever thought of the top reasons you have a coach or need a coach to reach your goals? There are 3 reasons why having a coach will put you on an accelerated path to achieving your personal health and wellness goals. Reason #1 Everyone needs accountability... there are things that all of us are great at and we do not need accountability for. However I notice that when I workout I can easily shorten my workouts because my mind gets flooded with work action items. I have noticed when I get other people involved with my workouts, it helps to motivate me to stick to my workout and push myself a little harder. This is why it is important to have an accountability partner, or a coach that

The Present Your Athlete REALLY Needs

In large, humans crave Presence more than Presents. Parents, your athlete wants your presence. And this article is going to be eye opening, especially towards the end. They want to drive home in the car without hearing a bunch of feedback, criticism, coaching advice, etc. (there are some exceptions: I know a FEW kids who really value their parents coaching advice and crave their feedback, but it is not the norm. Teach them YOUNG to leave "work at work" by not talking about the game after the game) They don’t crave rewards for straight A’s (although they will say it’s a nice value add). They don’t want monetary rewards or for you to post a facebook post of their accomplishment (this recogniti

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