The Cost of Being SILENT

This article is a bit scary. It’s deep. It’s uncomfortable. It’s necessary. At the end of the day, I know that you the parent care more about these 5 things than you care about performance: Your child going down a bad path. Your child being unhappy. Losing joy and love for what they do (sport, school, life) Your child being unsuccessful in things they want to have success in. Your child being a follower. Not becoming the leader that is within them. Your child closing themselves off to people around them. I can’t stand by any longer and watch kids struggle and not become the best they can be because they refuse to open up and share vulnerably and authentically. Technology and social media hav

Adlee's Why

Adlee Boerum has always loved a challenge. The 13-year-old soccer player thrives on competition and has no problem coming from behind to overtake a competitor, even if it takes a while. Especially if it takes a while. “He’s not afraid of failure. He goes past failure,” says Melissa Golden, Adlee’s mother. “He’s going to keep going until it become a success.” But there are sometimes those challenges that are unexpected, competitions where you didn’t even realize you were competing, that can throw a person of any age off, but especially a young athlete. Adlee found himself in the midst of just such a challenge several years ago, when his club soccer team, the team where Adlee played with all h

4 Pillar IN THE ZONE Formula: Part 1 VISUALIZATION

For Visual Click Here! Athletes! Coach Andrew here from Players Fitness and Performance. I am so excited to share with you this secret formula, if you will, to getting in the zone. We talked for a little bit about the three questions you've got to ask yourself when you're in your head to get out of your own head but now I want to share with you this four pillar formula to get out of your head and into the zone more often. You're looking at this graph right here (if you're watching the video) and you see these four things. Visualize success Get it out, literally! Positive input, positive thoughts Self-talk Prep These are the four things that surround “the zone”. Getting into the zone requires


Hey, guys. Coach Andrew here from Players Fitness and Performance, also the founder of The Winning Athlete Formula: High Performance Mentoring to Win the Mental Game in Sports and in Life. I want to talk with you real quick about how to get out of your own head. What you are currently doing isn't working clearly because over 98% of athletes I have surveyed, and this is over 500 athletes, say that they are in their own head too often and they want to learn how to be in the zone more. Out of more than 500 athletes surveyed, 98% say they struggle with being in their own head and are UNSURE how to get out of their head and into the ZONE! Well, you can't be in the zone if you're in your own head.

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