Burnout is YOUR CHOICE! Why 77% of athlete’s burnout by age 14 and how THEY can fix it

Click here to LISTEN to the 3 minute audio message: Burnout is YOUR CHOICE! 77% of athletes quit their sport by the age of 14 and it's said that the reason is because of: Parents and Coaches! Now, you might be sitting here listening to this thinking to yourself, "Yeah, that's probably true because I know some crazy sports parents or I know some crazy sports coaches." But I want to give you guys something different today that I believe is equally as important for why an athlete burns out from their sport. And it's not the parents' or the coaches' fault, at least not 100%. See, what I believe is that burnout is a choice. It's a choice that you make when you don't acknowledge how you're feeling

#1 Secret to Staying "In the Zone"...

I love MO. When he visits, life is good. In fact, life is so good it feels like everything I touch becomes gold. MO only comes around every once in a while. He doesn’t just grace me with his presence automatically. I have to work for it. But the cool thing is, I know exactly what I need to do in order to attract him. The Big “MO” is my friend, MOmentum. He is the most UNSTOPPABLE FORCE in the world. I bet you are saying to yourself, “What a weird introduction.” True, but hopefully it was enough to hook you :-) This one is worth reading. Momentum is worth going out of your way to attract. It is worth learning HOW-TO attract more of it into your life. Here’s how: Building a snowman When you wa

Grace's Why

Softball started easily enough for Grace Roark. At 7-years-old, she had stopped playing soccer and wanted to stay active, so she followed some friends into rec league softball. But Grace and softball soon hit it off as she learned she loved the game itself, and her natural agility and strength made her a good fit on the hot corner of third base. “I like the competitiveness, but also the teamwork and being able to accomplish something other with multiple people,” she says. Now 13, headed into eighth grade at Monocacy middle school and playing with the 18U Gold Heartbreakers travel softball team, Grace has found herself more and more on the mound as well. “I have always had a pretty strong arm

Your Teenager Will NEVER Change, UNLESS...

Teens will resist and resent the very things we desire for them to change if we try to force those things onto them. The things we know are good for them...the things that we know will make them happier, more successful...those are the things they will develop an aversion to if we don’t “do it right”. Many parents and coaches are making this one big mistake when it comes to trying to motivate their athletes to change. Once you see the following 3-step change process in action (inspiring story below), I guarantee that this mistake will stop and you will start seeing the change in your child you so desire to see. If we try to force change on a teenager (or anyone for that matter) before they d

Coaching the Lazy Athlete

You know what’s CRAZY? This story about “lazy” athletes. It’s not what you might think… As a youth coach, I have had several athletes come in with various labels. I look forward to having these kids come into to the door because I know often times this kid just hasn’t had a coach that is willing to get on their level and simply relate to where they are currently at. Unfortunately, a lot of coaches (not all) have a one size fits all philosophy that brings a “my-way or the highway” mentality. This is a major contributor to the high rate of burnout youth sports is currently exhibiting. In sports, we have adopted an excessive desire to win that has stripped the fun out of the game. We have begun

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