How to win the battle in your mind

The #1 battle you, me, and any athlete will ever face is the one in our own minds. My wife WILL get frustrated with me for not doing things the right way, not listening to her, or doing something else wrong. How I respond to her moment after moment, day after day, will determine the success in my marriage. I WILL experience injuries and illnesses...some small, some big. How I respond will determine if I endure patiently and ultimately triumph, or if I get squashed. I WILL fail, mess up, and miss the mark. How I respond will determine whether or not I learn from my mistakes and get better or bitter. When you learn this concept, you take the first and most important step towards winning the “w

The Real Reason Mentoring Will Never Go Out of Style

The single act of mentoring has changed the world. It will never go out of style, even though the word itself has lost some of its “pizazz”. Every single one of the most successful and impactful people in the world who have CHANGED the world attribute their success to the advice, guidance, challenges, love, and wisdom they received from their mentors. So listen up...this is going to get good. According to the National Mentoring Partnership; more than eighteen million young people need a mentor, but only three million are involved in mentoring relationships. Young people who have mentors are: 1. Far more likely to stay in school 2. 46% less likely to use drugs 3. 27% less likely to use

3 Why's to your Best Self

​I want to teach you how to dig deep and look within yourself to develop your best self. If you are constantly looking for motivation and inspiration to Exercise and Eat Better this is for you! At PFP we believe in the saying "What's Your WHY" sometimes I believe this saying can be overlooked. Let me explain what this question means to us at PFP and how you can implement this question to give you a reason and purpose to have the discipline you crave and the motivation you want to do EVERYTHING you have ever wanted. Step 1 ​Begin by asking yourself "Why do I workout?" Most answers will be to get stronger, improve my confidence, set a good example for my kids... Step 2 I want you to look at wh

Jack's Why

Jack Lillis was 4-years-old when he first tried playing soccer. It was sports-love at first kick. “I instantly liked it. I’ve always just liked having the ball at my feet. I’ve always been into running and I like being all over the field. Just that primary goal of having one ball and you put it in the goal,” he says. “I never really thought about playing any other sport — I just loved the idea of soccer.” Jack did end up trying other sports, including basketball and even swimming, but it was soccer that he loved and stuck with. And he was good at it, especially, notes Jack’s mother, Colleen Lillis, once he got a little older and ball juggling and control drills came into play. “He was really

What to say to your athlete pre, post, and in between games to avoid “making them mad”

You have probably struggled answering the following question… What should I say to my kid after a game? The answer is, it depends. Here is the hallmark, safe, effective, go-to six word sentence that works every time: “I really enjoy watching you play.” Any more than that really depends on this question: What do you VALUE? Let’s first start with what NOT to say: “You should have…” “I think…” “You are normally so good at that…” “It’s only one game…” “Why didn’t you…” “Why did you…” Any of those will typically result in a quick end to the conversation and an eye roll. Your compliments and critiques should reflect your values as a parent. Do you value good sportsmanship? If so, don’t compliment

A Universal Truth: You Reap What You Sow

Are you sowing good seeds? Are you sowing seeds of low confidence? Putting your head down, speaking quietly, not standing up for yourself…these are the habits that lead to low confidence. You reap what you sow. Good habits and bad. Farmers plant (sow) seeds in the field and understand three truths about those seeds. 1) If they sow an apple seed, they will likely reap an apple tree. They cannot sow a weed seed and expect to reap a beautiful apple tree. They reap what they sow. 2) If they plant, water, and cultivate that apple seed, it is almost guaranteed they will reap far more than just one apple. One apple seed will typically yield dozens and dozens of apples. They reap more than they

Weight loss, speed and agility, confidence

I have a confession. Marketing can be evil. Learning about marketing can take you down a manipulative path. I did not necessarily go down that path, but in the past I have fallen into the temptation to exaggerate the promise of results. “3 easy ways to improve your speed”. “Quick solutions for confidence.” “10 simple fixes to drop weight.” These are all deceptive. They are incomplete and inaccurate. The problem you and I face is that we want the quickest, least painful way to achieve the pleasure and desires of our hearts. I actually do not stand for that. I don’t believe it. I have not seen it work in my own life, and certainly not in the lives of the people I have worked with. I have not s

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