What do your athlete's running speed and your car have in common?

How fast can your car go? About as fast as the engine allows it to go. Maybe you have a Honda Accord. Maybe a BMW. Maybe a Ford F150 (sorry Chevy people). Regardless of the kind of car you drive, it can only go as fast as it can go. Put the pedal all the way to the floor, and it may top out at somewhere around 110 like my Hyundai Sonata (Note: I have never floored it nor have I ever gone 110, just guessing). Can you guess one of the ONLY ways to get your car to go faster? That’s right, a bigger engine! If you currently have a V4, your car may go 110. Put a V8 in it, your car will likely be able to top out at 125, maybe 130 MPH. An athlete’s running speed is predicated on the same principles

Effort Goals VS. Result Goals (key to confidence and sport success)

Johnny was thinking about the big game tomorrow. He was thinking about the college coach that would be in the stands. He was thinking about how he needed to play in order to have a great performance. Thinking about his peers, parents, and fans watching... The only problem was that “how he needed to play” was not completely within his control. He was thinking to himself, “I need to score at least one goal (to show the coach I am a scorer), I need to have at least one assist (to show the coach I am unselfish and a good passer), and we need to win the game (to show the coach I am a good leader and can will a team to victory.” Johnny had set a great intention and had a great desired result in mi

Makenzie's Why

Makenzie Schnur has never had a problem with motivation or athleticism — the graduating Brunswick High School senior has been a multi-sport athlete almost since the time she could walk. “She has played soccer since she was three or four — whenever they can start playing — and she has played basketball since kindergarten,” said Makenzie’s mother, Meghan. “She’s always been very driven. She has her goals and wants to achieve things.” She played baseball too, and a whole lot of soccer, but it was lacrosse that eventually won over her heart in 8th grade. “Soccer just kind of got boring to me by the time I got to 8th grade,” she says. “I decided I wanted to play lacrosse and play that spring for

3 Simple-But-Not-Easy Ways to Connect with your Athlete’s Better

David Jacobson from the Positive Coaching Alliance says the #1 problem he sees with most coaches is that they do not connect with their players. “If you as a coach do not take into account your player’s personality, their individuality, and their opportunity for development as a total person, you’re blowing it. You are abdicating your responsibility as a coach for sports. You should be focused on character education and developing better athletes, better people.” At PFP, we conquer. Here are 3 Simple-But-Not-Easy Ways to Connect with your Athlete’s Better Meet with each athlete individually 2 times per season minimum. 30 minutes, 1 on 1. Have specific questions for the athlete to answer BEFO

Pre-Game Reminders Hurting Your Athlete?

One of the most common mistakes sports parents and coaches make is giving an athlete pre-game “reminders” and “suggestions”. Or worse, IN-GAME reminders and suggestions. Why? It increases the amount of pressure they feel and leads to fear of disappointing you. OR It FRUSTRATES THEM TO NO END! Either way, they are now overthinking...the LAST thing you want to be doing as an athlete. ​ “Johnny, make sure to do what we practiced today. When you shoot, make sure you follow through. Don’t fade away or off to the side. Now, go get em’!” ​ Our intention is to help. Inwardly...your athlete is most likely feeling this: “Dad/mom is only going to be satisfied if I perform well. I can’t mess up. I need

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