My Controversial Predictions for the Future of our Student Athletes

WARNING: This article is controversial. I have spent the last nine years being a student of youth sports and student-athlete development. I have worked with over a thousand athletes and have loved every minute of it. Helping a teen become better than they were yesterday keeps me awake at night and jolts me up in the morning. It drives my wife nuts sometimes, but she understands :-) Over the past nine years, and in particular, the past three, I have seen some major shifts. There are a few scary realities facing our athletes today that will have implications on their future. Here is what I see for the future of our athletes. The increased pressure and expectations put on athletes to perform at

Keegan's WHY

Keegan Johnson is in many ways a natural team player. Although he started his athletic journey competing solo as a swimmer, he quickly found a home in sports with multiple players on a field. “I started that really early, like six or seven-years-old,” he says, “Currently I am playing soccer, baseball and football.” Currently a seventh grader at Urbana Middle School, Keegan has decided rec league football will be his main sport going forward — it’s just his sort of thing. “I guess, you like sports that you’re good at right?” he says. “ I’m good at football and I just like running around, flying around the field hitting people.” Keegan plays quarterback, wide receiver and also kicks for his te

Part 5: Uncommon Characteristics of Highly Confident, Successful Athletes

​Over the past 2 months we have been releasing the 5 Characteristics of the most Confident, Successful Athletes. Here is part 5. Parts 1-4 can be found here​​. #5 Last but not least, if you want to be a confident and successful student athlete, you must constantly SEEK guidance and advice from coaches and mentors. In other words, ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE! Ask for help guys. You have people in your corner who care about you, who want to help you succeed. You have people around you who were once where you are, but then figured out over time how to get to where they wanted to be. Where do YOU want to be? Why not ask a trusted mentor or coach to help you get there? I love talking to my Division

3 Overlooked Benefits Your Athlete Gets from a Long Term Athletic Development Program

A lot of the times we get parents and athletes who want a very specific outcome from training: Increased vertical jump. Faster. Physically stronger. Stamina. Decreased risk of avoidable injury. Confidence enhancement. Overcome mental mistakes. These are all outcomes of our approach to long term athletic development (LTAD) at PFP. But there are other benefits your kid is either receiving RIGHT NOW because they are currently training, or they are not. 1. Developing a Resilient, “Overcomer Mindset” Every session at PFP your athlete gets a Motivational Message. Every year, we have 52 messages, all covering different topics. Here is a testimonial from an athlete who has consistently trained and h

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