HOW-TO lead an athlete to respect you and give you their BEST

When I was 19 years old I watched a coach yell (I know it was a yell because the kid stopped dead in his tracks in the middle of the game to look at and listen to the “coach”) at a 9 year old for making a bad pass during a rec youth soccer game at FISC. If you read that and either shook your head, felt sick at your stomach, or thought to yourself, “Some coaches just don’t get it”, than it is likely you share my belief about youth athletes. I am now a student of youth sports coaches. I watch the way they coach first, and then I wait to see how the athletes respond and play afterwards. I am not kidding when I tell you that ONE out of every ten I watch coach in such a way that the athletes are

How to Get and STAY Motivated, even when ya don't feel like it...

STAYING Motivated = The Hard Part You tend to start things, but have a difficult time finishing them. We have all experienced this to some degree. Motivated, excited, encouraged…and then it slowly goes away after a few days, weeks, or maybe months. Motivated to lose weight and eat healthy after signing up for a gym membership and getting a personal trainer. Motivated to start an at-home side business, but then other things begin to take precedence a month later. Staying motivated is and will always be a struggle UNLESS you figure out the secret formula to overcome de-motivation syndrome. Staying motivated Youth athletes: the struggle of staying motivated to practice their sport, go for a run

Part 4: Uncommon Characteristics of a Highly Confident, Successful Athlete

If you want to be a highly confident, successful student-athlete, you must put pen to paper and self-reflect. This one is where most athletes draw the line because it is so uncommon. Journal? You mean like get a diary and write down my thoughts? Yep. How else are you going to work through your fears, your self-doubts, your frustrations, your failures? 88% OF ATHLETES SAY THEY HAVE THE FEAR OF FAILURE, MESSING UP, DISAPPOINTING OTHERS. 83% SAY THEY DOUBT THEMSELVES A MINIMUM OF 1 TIME PER GAME. 94% SAY THEY DON'T KNOW HOW TO OVERCOME MISTAKES QUICKLY. The only proven way I know to quickly overcome those things is by working ON them. Writing creates clarity, athlete. If you have someone to tal

Megan's WHY

Megan Cleverly has always been into sports. Soccer, volleyball and lacrosse, she played everything; but it was ultimately lacrosse, which she began at age seven, that won her heart. “I knew since sixth grade that was the sport I wanted to play in college,” she says. That was when she started playing club lacrosse. “I stopped soccer in eighth grade to really focus on lacrosse.” Megan loved the competitive nature of the sport and the variety of playing the midfield position, with its elements of offense and defense. And the draw: the face off in the center of the field that decides control of the ball, which Megan found she had a gift for. “I always had naturally great stick skills,” she says.

5 Quick Injury Prevention Tips for Athletes

As always, injury prevention has been a hot topic lately with our athletes and parents. Everyone wants to avoid injuries at all costs. Here are 5 Quick Tips to stay injury free: 1) Get Screened Regularly At least 2x/year make sure your athlete gets an IPS (injury prevention screening) from a performance specialist who knows biomechanics and corrective exercise. Your athlete's body and mechanics are always changing. The athletes we have at PFP that are diligent about this stay injury free. 2) Avoid Processed Foods, Fast Foods, Soda, and High Sugar Beverages ​These foods and drinks weaken your musculoskeletal system. For many, many reasons, a diet high in fast food, processed junk, and sugary/

April Warrior of the Month - Carol Wolcott

Hi everyone, I'm Carol Wolcott. Here is a bit about my journey. As a child, I was active, I rode my bike and roller skated, but was not involved in sports. As a young adult, I enjoyed group workout classes like Jazzercise. I also loved to walk outside. After having kids, I started running on the treadmill regularly. In 2008 a cousin suggested I train with her for a half marathon. In 2009 I ran my first 1/2 marathon, and I have done a dozen more half marathons and 10 milers in the last 10 years. I love having a future race to train for to keep me motivated. In addition to running, in 2013 I joined a women's soccer team with some friends. For the first time ever I was part of a team

3 things I would go back and tell myself in high school

#1 Andrew, If you want to be a stand out athlete, strength train year round and enhance your performance, not just your skills. In high-school my 40 yd dash was 5.0 seconds and my vertical was 27 inches. Not impressive for a 6'0" kid who wanted to play collegiate basketball. After training for one year, 20-21 years old, my vertical went up to 31.5 and my 40 dropped to 4.75. I was stubborn. I liked playing my sport. Working out on the other hand, was not fun. If I could go back I would say, "ANDREW, do the things you DON'T like doing now so that you can be better at the things you DO like later." ​ #2 Andrew, you need to work harder on yourself personally and on your mindset than you do on yo

5 Characteristics of Confident, Successful Student Athletes: Part 3

#3 If you want to be a confident, successful student-athlete, you must worker harder ON your sport than you do IN your sport Confident and successful athletes know that they must work harder on their sport than they do IN their sport. They know they must practice their skills just about every day of the week. They know they must strength train, speed train, and power train at least 2-3 days per week. They know they need to eat healthy, get quality sleep, and spend equal time recovering and stretching as they do playing their sport. Training hard ON your sport, which is all the things you do off the field, will bring about a different level of confidence when you are playing IN your sport. Ma

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