Part 2 - 5 Characteristics of a Confident, Successful Student-Athlete.

At the end of the day, what we REALLY want as coaches and parents are more confident, successful athletes. Physical strength, agility, speed, and skills are important, but those alone have never been quite enough to achieve peak confidence and lasting success. In part 2 of the 5 part serious: 5 Characteristics of confident, successful student athletes, we dive into a game-changing mindset tip that most people have never considered. #2 If you want to be a confident, successful student-athlete, you must redefine your Self-Worth. Most high schoolers I talk to do not think good thoughts about themselves. They do not feel like they are worth much. They do not feel like they have much value, or mu

MARCH Warrior of the Month - Mandi Smallwood

Hi my name is Mandi Smallwood and my Journey at PFP started three years ago this month. For the first two and a half years I sat on a chair twice a week watching my daughter work out and being proud of the strong, healthy young lady she was becoming. As I sat in that chair I met some great parents, shared funny stories, made friends and bonded with Tanya. Let's be honest who can't bond with Tanya? We even had a running joke if Grace ever quit PFP I would still come every Monday and Wednesday just to get my Tanya fix. Sitting in that chair for two and a half years my weight steadily increased. Food has always been my drug of choice whether I am happy, sad, depressed, angry, stressed or joy

Confident, Successful Student Athletes - PART 1

5 Characteristics of Confident, Successful Student Athletes: Part 1 Athlete, listen up...I know you are wondering, "Am I one of the 10% of athletes who is ACTUALLY playing up to my true potential? At my age and my level, should I be further along? Why aren't I as fast/strong/athletic/skilled as that guy or that girl?" If you want to be a confident, successful student-athlete, I am going to let you in on a little need to BECOME the right person for the job BEFORE you reach your full potential. Your athletic skills alone are USELESS unless they are built on a foundation of: A Strong Mindset A Winners Mentality. So, what ARE the common traits among the great, confident, successful

March ATHLETE OF THE MONTH - Eleni Bedard

You would never know it today, but Eleni Bedard and the sport of lacrosse did not get off to the most auspicious start. She had just entered fourth grade at a new school, and Eleni’s mother Maria suggested she try out for the lacrosse team as a way to make some friends. “She was like, ‘you know what Eleni, you should try out, it will be good for you.’ And I was like, ‘mom, I don’t just want to do it,’” Eleni says. “Those goggles look so weird. I think it will be so uncomfortable.” She tried out anyway, made the team, but wasn’t, she admits, very good. At least not right away. But there must have been some strange chemistry brewing between Eleni and lacrosse, because by fifth grade, she could

A Secret to Your Athlete's Long-term Success (Inspiring Story)

I just finished up a conversation with a D1 lacrosse player who just learned her career is over. She medically retired earlier this month due to a long-term injury that finally took its toll on her. ​ She was devastated. Lost. Confused and lacking clarity of purpose and direction. ​ Why? Her identity has been tied up in sports for the past 15 years of her life. That is more than 75% of her lifetime, she has identified herself as an athlete. ​ How can you blame her? Our value and sense of purpose comes from what gets rewarded and prioritized in our lives. ​ I sent her the following message: “You know, I was thinking about you today and I came to a conclusion that maybe you have not considered

Why Female Athletes Have More ACL Injuries

#1 Anatomical Makeup The Q-Angle is the relationship between the hips and knees. It is more pronounced in females because their hips are design to be child-bearing. Unfortunately, this angle from the hip to the knee puts girls at much higher risk for tearing their ACL and having other knee injuries. But, fear not...there are solutions and injury prevention modalities your daughter will learn below. #2 Flexibility and Mobility In a lot of ways, girls are more flexible than guys. It is a good thing for showing off how high they can kick their leg and for splits and cartwheels, but a bad thing for injury risk. Most girls have hypermobile knees for example, which gives them the ability to hypere

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