February Warrior of the Month - Tom Starkoski

Congratulations to our February Warrior of the Month, Tom Starkoski! Read a little more about Tom's journey below... I have always been active but a series of minor injuries, business travel, and lifestyle choices contributed to losing my edge. I started at PFP with the goal of getting my life back, improving my health, getting stronger, and being a better example for my son. With my work schedule and other challenges, I didn’t work out much for a few years. I started working out at PFP at the original location, primarily at 6 am. This is best for my schedule and helps me start the day off right. Since I have been at PFP, I have regained much of my strength and flexibility. I am doing


3 Costly Mistakes Baseball Players Make in Season and How to Fix Them Most high school baseball players are trying to do a good thing by getting in the weightroom, but in attempt to do the right thing they are actually causing more harm than good. Here are 3 mistakes I see way too many baseball players making in the weight room and how to overcome them. 1)Too much chest work. Their pecs are strong enough. They need to train their rotator cuff, rhomboids, and lower traps more. The problem is that most males want the front side of their bodies to look better, so they do more bench press, triceps, and push ups. Softball players see what the baseball players do, and follow suit. If you want to t

Motivation and Mindset are Not the Same Thing

Motivation and Mindset are NOT The Same Thing Stop for a second and think about the last time you were motivated. It probably was not that long ago. It may have been that you were motivated by FEAR. The fear of having a heart attack crept in because you saw someone else have one, therefore you started eating healthier and working out. But it did not last. Maybe you were motivated by ACCOMPLISHMENT...the thought of being recognized. You found out there was a college showcase coming up in two weeks and you were all of the sudden motivated to train hard, get to sleep early, and eat cleaner than Tom Brady (hey, he still threw for 500+ yards even though they lost). But after the showcase, you wen

February ATHLETE OF THE MONTH - Nicholas Spessard

Growing up, Nicholas Spessard was a star on the lacrosse field. “I am naturally tall and I was always faster than everyone else,” he says. “It just came easy for me.” Nicholas first picked up a lacrosse stick in the fourth grade and immediate fell in love, leaving behind his first sport, soccer. It was the physical intensity, he says, that got him hooked on lacrosse, a love borne of his natural talent for the game in those days. “It was because of the athleticism with lacrosse,” Nicholas says. “It was all the up and back, up and down, run around, beat people up, pretty much.” Nicholas played lacrosse all through middle school and remained the most fleet-of-foot on his teams, playing midfield

3 SPEED Hacks for Baseball and Softball Players

3 Speed Hacks for Baseball and Softball Players At PFP we work with over 100 baseball and softball players every year. When they come to us, they have the following concerns as it relates to their performance. #1 They want to improve their base running speed. The reason athletes are not as fast as they want to be running bases comes down to 3 things. No experience with angle/arc speed training. Baseball and softball players have to be great at running straight ahead, but also running arcs and angles. The more they train this way, the faster they will get from base to base. Standing up rather than leaning forward. Thing of a Jeep. Jeeps are not traditionally very fast because they sit straigh

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