Should My Athlete Play Multiple Sports? Why?

This article is all about Early Sport Specialization VS. Sport Differentiation. Should your athlete play multiple sports, or specialize in one sport? I believe it all starts with WHY. In this article my goal is to share with you the facts, the science, and how we use this information at PFP to help athlete’s develop optimally. First, we start with Why. Why is your kid only playing one sport? Why would you want them to? Why would they want to? #1 Is it to play professional sports? Here are the statistics on that from a study done at the University to Austin at Texas. My sole reason for including this chart is to be informative. I believe that any athlete can achieve more than they can even im

Choose to Stand Out if you want to be Outstanding

Choose to Stand Out if you want to be Outstanding: Embracing Discontinuity Requires Courage. What does that even mean? This one's for you, high school athlete. Do you lack the courage to do things differently (embracing discontinuity)? Does it give you anxiety to think about changing? Cool story...In 1975 there was a film company named Kodak. They were the best in the business. EVERYONE had a Kodak camera and used Kodak film. Kodak had this guy named Steve Sassen who believed in “standing out”...doing things differently... He created the first ever electronic camera. However, his silly bosses hated the idea of change, doing things differently (that requires work after all, why fix it if it i

3 Running Mistakes Your Athlete is Making

3 Running Mistakes Your Athlete is Making Flailing their arms side to side Parents are all over this one. It is the most obvious flaw in 90% of athlete’s running form. Why do they do it? Two things: One is weakness. Their core, their upper body, and a lack of functional strength that links the upper and lower half together. It is the same reason you see athlete’s do push ups with their elbows sticking out to the sides. The other is repetition. Most coaches and parents have told the athlete, “You run with your arms out, stop doing it.” However, most do not teach them how to do it the right way. Athletes needs to feel the right form and do it over and over again consistently. Lots of Joggi

January Warrior of the Month - Matt Bender

Hello Warriors. I’m Matt Bender, also known as Jake’s Dad, or Bender. I will soon be known as Alex’s Dad when she starts at PFP, two years too late in her eyes. I am a microbiologist, a lecturer, a husband, and a father. I was recruited to Frederick to help open a new biodefense laboratory, and after standing all my life at the laboratory bench, I now sit behind a desk after a long commute, a noticeable change in lifestyle that his impacted my health. I have always been a member of a gym, but as a Doritos eating kid my weight and health have always been up and down. I have noticed peaks of success always coming when I was driven by a goal or part of something bigger. A few years ago my

January ATHLETE OF THE MONTH - Cece McCrory

There’s a joke Cece McCrory tells about the origins of her love for volleyball. Her first attempt at team sports was actually basketball in the 6th grade, and it did not go well. “I hated the other girls getting in my face,” she says. In volleyball, which she first tried in the 8th grade, there was a net between her and her opponents. The joke is that it’s really Cece’s opponents on the court that are thankful for the net and probably wish it could be raised a few feet higher to protect them from this middle hitter/blocker. Cece plays both club volleyball and on her school team at New Life Christian School, where she’s a junior— she’s been team captain, first for JV, now for varsity, all thr


Will Topper was 7-years-old when his parents introduced him to the game of baseball. “I just had a love for the sport immediately,” he says. “It was fun and challenging at the same time.” Rec league play turned to travel team play by the time Will turned 9. He played outfield, second base, and even pitched a little, before settling into the role of catcher. “I like throwing out to second and trying to pick off runners,” he says. Will has always been tall and thin, and one of the younger players on his teams. A combination that proved to be a problem by the time he was 13. “At the age of 13, they went up to the largest field size,” explains Will’s mother, Theresa. “And he was competing with k


3 MUST-KNOW QUESTIONS FOR ATHLETES TO MAKE WISER DECISIONS Most middle, high school, and college students struggle with making wise decisions. Most people in general do. But age 13-21 it is particularly difficult. Here are 3 questions every student athlete should ask if they want to have fewer regrets and make better decisions. These 3 questions come directly from a pastor and mentor of mine, Andy Stanley. Question #1 In light of my past experiences is the decision I am about to make a wise one? Think about it. I am a 13 year old male and I just got in trouble with mom and dad for lying. I am about to dig a DEEPER hole for myself by arguing and then saying something I shouldn’t. I have lea

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