February 19, 2020

You cannot keep people from rejecting you, but you can keep rejection from enraging you.

I’ve been writing a lot about anger lately. I think we have an low-grade anger issue in America today. I think the statistical probability that your kid either has or will have supp...

February 12, 2020

What’s Worse?

Your athlete’s inability to hit the ball well, or their inability to calmly and confidently cope with their inability to hit the ball well?

Bad running technique or their perfectionist mentality that constantly leads to low self-esteem and dissatisfaction w...

January 29, 2020

Why is Love-Powered Leadership the only kind that works 100% of the time?

Because it is the only kind of leadership that puts what is in the best interest of the student-athlete first, no matter what.

If kindness and patience are what that kid needs most from you, their...

January 23, 2020

Chapter 27 from The Youth Truth

Blink and Sports are GONE

Make Your Mess Your Message

So many kids struggle with identity and resilience through adversity because these two truths have not yet sunk in…

  1. Your mess becomes your message

  2. Your are more than an athlete

  3. ...

January 8, 2020


Have you ever seen your athlete fold under pressure? 

What about just seeing them perform less than their best because their nerves got to them?

It’s not that your athlete was physically incapable. They were, however, mentally incapable....

January 6, 2020

Good morning! I really hope your holidays have been awesome.


I took the last week off and ended up catching a BAD stomach virus, along with my wife, son, mother and father in law, brother-in law, cousins and aunt!


But I am back now and I could not be more fired up an...

January 6, 2020

This subject line of this email might make you scratch your head a bit...but there are 6 simple points you'll want to read at the end because it could mean the difference between your kid growing up with confidence, courage, and a successful mindset, or not.

PFP wa...