6-Week Curriculum Based Speed School

9-11 Years Old (3rd-5th Grade)

12-15 Years Old (6th-8th Grade)

16-18 Years Old (9th-12th Grade)

Ryan Orr

Before PFP I was known as one of the slower athletes, NOW I am competing and have become a serious running threat as a quarterback... I am as fast as the receivers on my team now!

Rachel Roupe

Before speed training at PFP, I was not fast enough to make next-level plays on the softball field. Now, these have become routine catches for me, plus I am stealing bases more successfully than ever before.

Frequently Asked Questions

If we are currently coming in and training at PFP can we use those sessions for this Academy?

 Unfortunately No, PFP's 6-week Game-Breaking Speed Academy is a specialty class with limited spots for participation. Be sure to get your spot reserved ASAP. This will fill up fast. 


What precautions are the PFP team members taking during these training periods?

The PFP Team is diligently cleaning and wiping down each piece of equipment after use by a client. Also, PFP team members are wearing a mask at all times

What if we miss a week?





No problem! We will give you a credit to one of our Small Group Athletic Performance Training Sessions of equal value!