30 Minute

IN-season performance training

Why 30 minute In-Season Performance Training?


1) Maintain Strength


  • Research shows that competitive athletes experience muscle atrophy after as little as two-four weeks after stopping training. As muscles get weaker, speed, explosiveness, and stamina all go down.


  • The Solution→ a quick, powerful 30-minute combo of just 3-4 strength training exercises, 1-2 Sport Appropriate core exercises, and injury prevention training.


2) Decrease risk of injury


  • In-season is the most critical time to stretch more, foam roll more, and do more ankle/shoulder/hip stability. Unfortunately in-season athletes are tired and rarely if EVER do this stuff on their own, which is why injury risk is increased in-season.


  • The Solution→ the accountability 2x/week for 30 minutes of sport-specific soft tissue care, stretching the right muscles, and stabilizing the others.


*For example: many baseball players stretch the WRONG parts of their shoulders in season and put themselves at higher risk of elbow/shoulder injury. They should stretch the ones that get tighter, not the ones that get looser from throwing.


3) Peak Performance for Playoffs


  • MOST athletes get 10-12 weeks into their season, their bodies are beat up, and they head into playoffs physically in their worst shape in months. Athletes who train 30 minutes 2x/week become part of the 3% who actually perform at peak potential come playoff time.


For the Optimal In-Season Athlete


1st Best Option: 1x/week for 1 hour, 1x/week 30 minutes

2nd Best Option: 2x/week for 30 minutes

3rd Best Option: 1x/week for 1 hour or 30 minutes